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“Marisa Handler shows hope is both possible and justified. You can change the world; you can accept the challenge injustice issues.

Maybe what I love most about the book is the grace with which she accepts these challenges—the challenge not just of being engaged but also of understanding and accepting the contradictions, impurities, and complications of each side, each possible position, and of not surrendering to indifference, ambivalence, or a quest for personal purity that makes alliance or action impossible. There’s a wonderful passage in which she describes a struggle, this time inside herself, in Nepal: “I have my ideas. I love my ideas. I bask in them, cling to them, noisily impose them. And then I move beyond my bubble and they get wrecked. I grieve them. They really were beautiful, in their oblivious idealism, in their purity. Later I am grateful. … Life, it seems, pushes me ever wider, deeper, in an ongoing struggle to accommodate things I never imagined existed.”

At a very young age, she has gone very far. This book is an invitation to the rest of us to keep going.”
—from the foreword by Rebecca Solnit

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