“The Vanishing” wins 2017 Lois Cranston Poetry Prize

Listen to new song “the blue” here

I believe in grace. I believe in the blackmarket

currency of the unknown:

fresh pennies in deepsea caves and the

dream that loiters, oblique.

I believe in the weave and heft

of the small things we neglect

to see: dandelion and anemone and relentless

ant. I believe in the mercy of solitude and the

kindness of trees. I believe in dancing

with its wide faith, its surrender to the

body’s malted hungers. I believe we are all

waiting out the race, even as our

legs collapse beneath us our eyes scour the

heavens for evidence of

what we know and have known and

will again forget. I believe in grace.

“Grace,” Marisa Handler
The Penwood Review, Fall 2014

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